Sunday, 31 July 2016

Today in rock history 31st July

1923 - Ahmet Ertegun-founder of Atlantic Records & co-founder of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is born 1958 – Bill Berry of R.E.M. is born. 1964 – A Rolling Stones concert in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is stopped after only 12 minutes when violence breaks out in the audience. 1965 – In England, the Yardbirds with Jeff Beck perform at the Cleethorpes Jazz Festival. 1966 –Cream play their first gig in Windsor 1966 – In Birmingham, Ala., a Beatles record-burning session is held to protest John Lennon’s “bigger than Jesus” remark. 1967 – After a public outcry, a London Appeals Court drops drug charges against Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. Mick Jagger, also busted for drugs, has his jail sentence reduced to a conditional discharge. The Stones record “We Love You” to commemorate the event. 1968 – The Beatles record “Hey Jude.” 1970 – After Decca Records demands a final single from the Rolling Stones to make them fulfill their contract, Richards and Jagger deliver the unreleasable “C********r Blues.” The single becomes the title of a Stones documentary that the band decides is also unreleasable. 1971 – Pink Floyd leave England to set out on their first tour of the Far East. 1971 – Big day in Stones history: At London’s Rialto cinema, the documentary Gimme Shelter premieres. The film includes footage from the infamous concert at Altamont. 1971 – At a Who concert in Forest Hills, N.Y., a security guard is stabbed. 1978 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “Miss You,” The Rolling Stones. The song is the band’s eighth No. 1 single. 1980 - The Eagles performed their last concert at the Long Beach Arena. They split up later in the year & reunited in 1994. 1984 – Eric Clapton leaves Roger Waters’ Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking tour in Canada after two weeks. 2012 –Ten fans of English rock band The Who traded in tickets from a canceled 1979 gig in Rhode Island for entry to the group’s upcoming February show, in a rare tale of loyalty spanning the decades.

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